Who we are

Tapakis Consulting is an established consulting firm founded in 2004. Creating business excellence is what our history and future is all about. For us, success means helping you achieve excellence for your company through setting and achieving high goals, and to that we commit! Every service and every customer is different and special for us. We commit to demonstrate a practical on-spot approach, strong capability of organising, keeping track and controlling the applied strategies with an engagement to exceed expectations. We will use already tested methods and tools we developed through the years, tailor-made to your company's culture and specific needs. Our greatest challenge is to actively involve your personnel, motivate them and put them on track to align with your organisation's strategies and goals that leads to excellence. 


At Tapakis Consulting, we choose to remain a small agency in order to maintain the ability to provide direct and personal support to our customers. We believe it does not work better any other way! We limit our business to a small number of customers at a time so that we maintain the personal touch and share our experiences efficiently. Building a direct relationship with our customers helps us understand the specific needs and mannerisms of their business in depth. Therefore we maintain the capacity to deliver hands-on effective services, to tackle any challenge and support each customer’s vision with respect to their cultures. Every action we suggest is accountable for results and we do not compromise with anything less than the maximum of the customer’s expectations. We often use our own innovative tools to evaluate, plan and control, backing up our Marketing, HR and Strategic planning services. 


Working with more than a hundred customers, in more than 30 different market sectors such as retail trading, wholesale trading, manufacturing, transportation, B to B services, tourism, exporting, provided us with the insights and expertise to understand our customer’s business, market and vision and specific needs.

Staff & Qualifications

Since 2015 Mr. Loukis Tapakis has become a certified facilitator of the Lead without a Title program created by Robin Sharma one of the most renowned Leadership gurus in the world. As a facilitator he can teach this life changing program. Please contact for more information.

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