Family Business Succession Service

What to expect from the service:

The aim for this service is to diverse the business from the informal family mode to the formal business operation mode, dissolve conflict, and create the base for continuation where the family gains from the business and the business gains from the family.  

Who should be interested

Any family business should plan its continuation and succession process as soon as possible. Change will happen anyway, keep it under control. It is much easier to plan the succession process as soon as possible. Business which are in conflict or bottle necks are created in the normal flow of work, or disruption of the even business running should consider receiving this service. Family business of any size and any industries can be benefited from the service since it is tailor-made on the business parameters.     

Before starting:

A qualified member of our agency will go through a diagnostics procedure mainly by interviewing family members and key staff. Following that we will submit a detail proposal including the milestones of the service, specific business parameters handling, the implementation details and the costs. When this is agreed this document will be the guideline for all the participants in the procedure.

How it is done:   

Our consultant will operate as a facilitator of the succession planning procedure. The participants will be family members and may be key business staff who will go through the facilitators agenda to create the succession plan.  In fact his role is to bridge differences, suggest solutions, find alternatives, couching participants on several issues, train and inform the group on certain operational and improvement issues also guardian of the procedure . Following the implementation stages in details.

Family business succession event at Hellenic Bank on April 18th 2018

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