As a principle, we don’t just treat problems! It is clear to us that when a problem occurs, it is related to a deeper cause, which needs to be treated in a strategic manner once and for all. Initially we set the right culture, vision and targets, put the right people in the right positions, make sure that the culture and vision is commonly understood (internally and externally) and set the control means to review. This formula never fails!

We work close with the customer to make sure that everything is in line, can be easily controlled and monitored. We become your “partner” until everything works perfectly. After that we stand just a phone call away. 


Strategic Planning

We want to help you optimise the use of your human, technological and other resources and incorporate them in to your vision. Our aim is to answer all the questions like “where”, “how”, “who” and “when” and let participants know and be part of the answers.

Human Resource Management

Get more information about our HRM services and let us explain in detail how the Tapakis Consulting "HRM Integrated tool" can help you increase your productivity and personnel control.

Communication Strategy

Defining the values and making sure they are reflected in every action, every decision and every encounter with internal publics, suppliers, customers and associates is the best way to endorse your differentiation and increase your products or services worth. We would be very happy to tell you more about our “four steps to a successful brand” tool.

Family Business

Only 30% of family business pass  to the second generation and just 12% to the fourth. Change will occur anyway and continuation is a must. You can ensure continuation and sustainability through a viable succession plan as early as possible. We have the knowledge, experience and patience to help you go through this tough process.