How do your customers, staff and associates perceive your brand, products and services? The responsibility of aligning everybody with your values is another factor for business excellence. The first step is to have a specific brand identity. Then you have to communicate it internally and externally. Our Communication services can help you achieve it.


Communication Services:

Branding & Rebranding Strategy

Applies to:

Companies that want to provide Branded products & Services for local or export markets. Developing a branding strategy helps in how your products or services are perceived by your publics. What is important is to link your products or services with your customers’ specific needs and enable them to clearly position the product, service and company in their minds in a common way. Having a clear branding strategy will help customers make decisions and your personnel to set work standards.  

Strategic Marketing

Applies to:

Companies that need to launch products or services or improve their market position or perception.  Developing a marketing strategy helps you align your marketing plans with your core business strategies and concentrate resources on optimally exploiting opportunities. Introducing and following a short term strategic marketing plan, the advertising budget will stop being an expense but an investment. This service ends with a very specific and detail brief to advertising agencies, including wording, target publics, guidelines for designs, directions for Media, images, ambiance, identities and slogans. Prior to this service we suggest that a clear branding strategy is derived.