Branding Strategy

Applies to:

Companies that want to provide Branded products & Services for local or export markets. Developing a branding strategy helps in how your products or services are perceived by your publics. What is important is to link your products or services with your customers’ specific needs and enable them to clearly position the product, service and company in their minds in a common way. Having a clear branding strategy will help customers make decisions and your personnel to set work standards.  

Stages of implementation:

  • Evaluation of products, services, company and of current market position (usually market research is required – qualitative and quantitative) – External brand audit
  • Evaluation of the internal perceptions of the company, products, services (internal brand audit)
  • Market analysis, competition analysis, analysis of market trends, price sensitivity analysis
  • Tapakis Consulting “Four steps to a successful brand” tool
  • Define value system for products, services and the company’s
  • Brand design
  • Initial testing of brand design (qualitative market research might be needed


  • Complete Brand architecture and brand manual (including brand essence, brand position, brand identities, brand character, brand emotional attributes, brand value system).
  • Report of the findings of the initial testing of brand design
  • Brand communication approach
  • Brand seminar to personnel (informing about the new brand architecture)
  • Departmental seminar to personnel on their new role based on the brand  

Success Statements

  • -We are very specific when it comes to setting the standards!
    – Tapakis Consulting
  • -Communicating the core philosophy and uniqueness of your business to your internal and external publics, is the way to motivate your staff, create a shortcut to decision making and achieve customer satisfaction!
    – Tapakis Consulting
  • -The Key to Success is to have a detailed & specific strategic plan that utilises all resources throughout the company!
    – Tapakis Consulting
  • -No matter what the challenge is, there is only one thing we commit to: Success!
    – Tapakis Consulting
  • -“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half” said John Wanamaker. Strategic Marketing Planning helps you optimize your advertizing budget and monitor targeted spending!
    – Tapakis Consulting
  • -Every business challenge is an opportunity to prove our commitment to success!
    – Tapakis Consulting
  • -The key of successful business relationships with our clients is that they know in advance what will follow, step by step.
    – Tapakis Consulting
  • -Management integrated tools make our work more efficient and your company’s monitoring easier and more effective.
    – Tapakis Consulting
  • -We do not compromise with anything less than creating a star company!
    – Tapakis Consulting
  • -To maintain its status, a star company must have the ability to adapt to the volatility of the environment and constantly improve!
    – Tapakis Consulting
  • -Successful HRM lies in being able to bridge your business requirements with the capabilities of your staff with fair & commonly understood roles, responsibilities and through an evaluation system!
    – Tapakis Consulting