Strategic Marketing


Applies to:

Companies that need to launch products or services or improve their market position or perception.  Developing a marketing strategy helps you align your marketing plans with your core business strategies and concentrate resources on optimally exploiting opportunities. Introducing and following a short term strategic marketing plan, the advertising budget will stop being an expense but an investment. This service ends with a very specific and detail brief to advertising agencies, including wording, target publics, guidelines for designs, directions for Media, images, ambiance, identities and slogans. Prior to this service we suggest that a clear branding strategy is derived.

Stages of implementation:

  • Evaluation current marketing strategy
  • Market analysis, competition analysis, analysis of market trends, pricing policies, packaging, distribution channels, presence, SWOT analysis
  • Design of annual marketing plan to efficiently reach into the marketplace
  • Marketing Plan Budgeting
  • Design on Advertising Strategy


  • Complete Marketing Plan
  • Marketing Budget
  • Plan & Budget Follow up
  • Advertising impact reports

Success Statements

  • -Successful HRM lies in being able to bridge your business requirements with the capabilities of your staff with fair & commonly understood roles, responsibilities and through an evaluation system!
    – Tapakis Consulting
  • -The Key to Success is to have a detailed & specific strategic plan that utilises all resources throughout the company!
    – Tapakis Consulting
  • -We do not compromise with anything less than creating a star company!
    – Tapakis Consulting
  • -No matter what the challenge is, there is only one thing we commit to: Success!
    – Tapakis Consulting
  • -To maintain its status, a star company must have the ability to adapt to the volatility of the environment and constantly improve!
    – Tapakis Consulting
  • -The key of successful business relationships with our clients is that they know in advance what will follow, step by step.
    – Tapakis Consulting
  • -Management integrated tools make our work more efficient and your company’s monitoring easier and more effective.
    – Tapakis Consulting
  • -“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half” said John Wanamaker. Strategic Marketing Planning helps you optimize your advertizing budget and monitor targeted spending!
    – Tapakis Consulting
  • -We are very specific when it comes to setting the standards!
    – Tapakis Consulting
  • -Communicating the core philosophy and uniqueness of your business to your internal and external publics, is the way to motivate your staff, create a shortcut to decision making and achieve customer satisfaction!
    – Tapakis Consulting
  • -Every business challenge is an opportunity to prove our commitment to success!
    – Tapakis Consulting