Family Business Succession Planning services

Only 30% of family business pass  to the second generation and just 12% to the fourth. Change will occur anyway and continuation is a must. You can ensure continuation and sustainability through a viable succession plan as early as possible. We have the knowledge, experience and patience to help you go through this tough process.       

Applies to family business which have reached or they are close to the point where decisions about succession must be taken. Furthermore we can help family businesses to resolve conflict and inefficiency by establishing a successful operation and management structure. Our role is to facilitate this procedure, bridge differences and conflicts, consult and coach, suggest solutions and act as guardians of decisions and the process.


Stages of implementation:

-          Stage 1: Diagnostics of the family business environment 

-          Stage 2: Creating the “family council”

-          Stage 3: Developing the “family constitution”

-          Stage 4: Regulating Corporate governance

-          Stage 5: Creating the “New Era” strategic plan

-          Stage 6: Administrative procedures (New Era operation)