Organising and Re-organising

Applies to:

Business start ups, businesses developing new branches and departments or businesses that have diversified or went through significant changes, such as addressing new markets, developing new products, applying new technology or going through mergers or acquisitions. Re-engineering of such a company will result to the optimum internal structure, given the new environment. With an effective re-engineering strategy, the company will reduce conflict and confusion, increase efficiency and achieve targets promptly.  

Stages of implementation:

  • Meeting with management and key staff to establish the needs and the key roles of the business
  • Evaluate personnel’s competences and current situation
  • Evaluate past procedures, roles, values and culture
  • Define the new culture, values and way of operation
  • Define new personnel requirements, competences, training requirements and new procedures
  • Derive new structure, department roles, staff duties and responsibilities and procedures
  • Tapakis Consulting “Integrated HRM tool
  • Communication with the personnel in order to inform and get them involved
  • A personnel evaluation system is usually required


  • Situation analysis report
  • Re-engineering proposal that will include new company structure and hierarchy, departments roles, clearly defined personnel duties and responsibilities for all job positions
  • Evaluation of personnel qualifications and training requirements report
  • Report with stages of implementation
  • Communication with the personnel about their new roles, duties and responsibilities
  • Internal training on procedures and department cooperation
  • Review and follow up

Success Statements

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