At Tapakis Consulting we like to be very specific about what we do. Our customers are always aware of our actions and steps towards creating success. Outlined below is the general step-by-step process we follow, which becomes very specific when adjusted to the needs of each of our customers or projects.

STEP 1 - Introductory Meeting: Our first concern is to meet with you and talk about your business, your vision and the challenges you face. We welcome any formal or informal discussion on every issue you wish. At this point we will generally offer our suggestions, knowledge and experience without any commitment on your behalf.

STEP 2 - Initial Evaluation: Based on the conclusions of the Introductory Meeting and information from other internal or external sources (accounts, market research, personnel etc), we submit a proposal outlining the areas we believe your business is in need of support and our suggested services with their expected results, including detailed analysis of activities and deliverables, time frames and costs. Up until this point no charge is involved.

STEP 3 - Initiation: After signing the service and confidentiality agreement, we initiate by introducing ourselves to your staff. We value interpersonal interaction and we find that, building relations of trust with the staff makes our work easier and certainly more effective.

STEP 4 - Pre-implementation: At this point we will timely present our findings to you and to your key staff (if needed) and explain the strategy we are about to follow step by step. We welcome any comments and negotiate adjustments with respect to your company’s culture and needs.

STEP 5 - Implementation: This is the most important part of our service; putting everything in action.  At this point we stand by you to make sure that everything is understood and performed correctly. We monitor, evaluate and adjust until the implemented strategy functions effectively and has measurable results. This is the point where we fulfill our promise “commitment to success”.

STEP 6 - Evaluation: At the evaluation date (preset) we present you with the results of implementation and hear your reviews and comments. We are always ready to make any necessary adjustments to achieve perfection. Our work is done only when we’ve exceeded your expectations!