Our long experience led us to creating a number of tools related to HR and branding, especially designed to help us perform in-depth investigation of all the aspects of your company, help you share your philosophy with your internal and external publics and provide you with the ability to monitor the implementation of your milestones and goals. Our two major tools are further analysed below:

Four Steps to a Successful Brand

Through this tool we can evaluate the norms of your business sector and matchmake the values of your company with the values of your existing and potential customers.

We start by investigating and defining all of the areas, departments, functions of your organisation and fine-tuning them so as to support the essence of you brand. Our evaluation systems will help you understand your staff’s and customers’ perception of your brand and monitor whether existing or new customers experience the brand the way they are supposed to.

Integrated HRM tool

This tool involves you staff in all the stages of the company’s development, starting with in-depth understanding of the organisation’s values and then by incorporating these values in their responsibilities and day-to-day duties. All the procedures of the company have to be fine-tuned or re-design so as to also reflect the core values of the organisation. Our Evaluation Systems help you evaluate your personnel, while our Self-Evaluation Systems help you monitor whether your views coincide with the self-perception of each member of your staff. Our Integrated HRM tool is related with improvement plans and bonus systems.